Research Offices

Faculty members R&D offices and locations:

Measurement and Instrumentation (Assoc. Dr. Mustafa BURUNKAYA), Building A, Ground Floor

Fiber Optics (Prof. Dr. Murat YÜCEL), Building A, Ground Floor

Renewable Energy Technologies (Assoc. Dr. Mehmet DEMİRTAŞ), Building A, 1st Floor

Embedded Systems (Prof. Dr. Ercan Nurcan YILMAZ), Building A ,1st Floor

SCADA and Robotic Systems (Prof. Dr. Mahir DURSUN), Building A, 1st Floor

Autonomous Systems (Assoc. Dr. Ali SAYGIN), Building A, 1st Floor

Numerical Analysis and Optimization (Assoc. Dr. Hasan Hüseyin SAYAN), Building A, 1st Floor

Artificial Intelligence (Prof. Dr. Çetin ELMAS), Building A, 1st Floor

Electromagnetic Design (Prof. Dr. İbrahim SEFA), Building A, 1st Floor

Machine Learning (Prof. Dr. Cemal YILMAZ), Building A, 1st Floor

Virtual Reality (Prof. Dr. Mahir DURSUN), Building A, 1st Floor

Switching Techniques (Prof. Dr. Nihat ÖZTÜRK), Building A, 1st Floor

Microgrids (Prof. Dr. Ramazan BAYINDIR), Building A, 1st Floor

Image Processing (Dr. Student Ayşe DEMİRHAN), Building A, 2nd Floor

Special Electric Machines (Prof. Dr. Güngör BAL), Building A, 2nd Floor

Biomedical (Prof. Dr. İnan GÜLER), Building A, 2nd Floor

Intelligent Systems (Prof. Dr. Ömer Faruk BAY), Building A, 2nd Floor

Simulation and Design (Prof. Dr. Şevki DEMİRBAŞ), Building A, 2nd Floor

Alternative Energy (Prof. Dr. Erol KURT), Building A, 2nd Floor

Cyber ​​Security (Prof. Dr. Mustafa ALKAN), Building A, 2nd Floor

Electric Vehicle Applications (Prof. Dr. Necmi ALTIN), Building A, 2nd Floor

SCADA Data Processing, Testing and Security (Prof. Dr. Erdal IRMAK), Building A, 2nd Floor

Electrical Machines (Prof. Dr. Güngör BAL), Building B, Ground Floor

Renewable Energy Systems (Assoc. Dr. Mehmet DEMİRTAŞ, Assoc. Dr. Orhan KAPLAN), Building B, Ground Floor

Electrical Machines Design (Prof. Dr. Nihat ÖZTÜRK), Building B, Ground Floor

Electrical Machines and Energy (Prof. Dr. Güngör BAL, Prof. Dr. Şevki DEMİRBAŞ, Prof. Dr. Nihat ÖZTÜRK), Building B, Ground Floor

Medical Electronics (Assoc. Dr. Mustafa BURUNKAYA), Building B, Ground Floor

Postgraduate Studies (Prof. Dr. Cemal YILMAZ), Building B, Ground Floor

Engineering Design and Graduation Project Development (Prof. Dr. Şevki DEMİRBAŞ), Building B, 1st Floor

Power Electronics and Energy Conversion (Prof. Dr. İbrahim SEFA, Prof. Dr. Necmi ALTIN), Building B, 1st Floor

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